Tuesday 13 May 2014

Ancient Genes vs Modern World - an event you must attend!

When I first moved to New Zealand, I decided that I was going to make a concerted effort to connect with like-minded practitioners. I wanted to be part of a strong community of health folk. What I didn’t know was how amazing my new-found health-nerd friends would be. Actually, I tell a lie. I had an inkling of their awesomeness. 

Sometimes (often) my images have no relevance to the topic.
I thought this one was pretty cool, though, don't you? 

It's a lizard made out of lime!
Image by Harry Chapin Food Bank via Pinterest
We started off our little NZ adventure in Christchurch. There was a chance, after all, that we would be living there eventually. This also happened to be the home town of one very well known, and very respected, nutritionist by the name of Jamie Scott (who also goes by the name of “That Paleo Guy”).

So I thought I would send him an email. I didn’t expect a response, but I hoped for one. I got one. Almost immediately – welcoming me to the country and an expression of interest to catch up! This was beyond exciting. But wait! There’s more – Jamie’s lady-friend happens to be an amazing doctor (yes – GP, MD whatever you want to call it – she is legit) who is a firm believer in using principles of evolutionary medicine and ancestral health to guide the prevention and management of chronic disease. "She", by the way, is Anastasia Boulais. These crazy cats are so passionate about ancestral health that they started up the very first Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand (AHSNZ), which you can read more about HERE. I am so proud to be involved in this remarkable organization with so many other incredible, like-minded people.

Here's a (relevant) pic of the happy couple (on the right)
with the folks from the Whole 9
After our little tiki-tour around NZ, I had the pleasure of meeting these two inspiring people and, I can tell you, they are freakin’ amazing. Not just because of their knowledge and dedication to spreading the word about ancestral health, but because of how unbelievably kind, considerate and inclusive they are.

Anywho…enough blabbering and butt-kissing. Even more exciting news – AHSNZ is holding its first conference at the end of June (the 29th, to be exact). The following little blurb is 100% plagiarized from the AHSNZ website:

“Ancient Genes vs. Modern World” explores some of the key mismatches that exist between our physiology, having evolved over millions of years, and the novelty of a modern world that has rapidly changed over the last few decades”

Here’s a little breakdown of what you will be learning about on the day (again, plagiarism is at play):
  • “Food for Thought: Nutrition and Brain Health” Dr Mikki Williden, PhD.  Senior Lecturer and Researcher, AUT. Auckland
  • “Are Health Professionals Too Focused on Health?”
 Brad Norris, Director, Synergy Health. Christchurch
  • “Ancestral Health in General Practice: Art, Science or Quackery?”Dr Pam Olver, General Practitioner. Wellington
  • “The Ancestral Woman in a Modern World: Strong, Sexy and Fertile.”Kate Callaghan, Nutritionist. Wanaka (THAT’S ME!!!)
  • “I See Weak People: The Under-Appreciated Role of Muscle in Health and Disease”Jamie Scott, Health Researcher, Synergy Health. Christchurch
  • “Sunlight: Friend or Foe? Skin Cancer Controversies”Dr Anastasia Boulais, Medical Practitioner. Christchurch
  • “Stress in the Modern World”Aaron Callaghan, Peak Performance Coach. Wanaka (AKA Kate’s hubby)
  • “Urban Design and Health: The Spaces in Between”James Murphy, Nutritionist, Synergy Health. Christchurch
  • “Ancestral Principles in Managing Autoimmune Disease”Julianne Taylor, Nutritionist. Auckland
  • EXPERT PANEL: Anti-Fragile in Christchurch: Individual Health Strategies in a Changing City
Exciting right? This conference is the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere – you don’t want to miss it! Plus, you can come and hang out with me. Isn’t that worth the trip in itself (insert winky-face emoticon)?! Oh, and its not just for practitioners and/or Kiwi's. All welcome!

If you’re interested (which you should be) go and save your seat now – tix are only NZ$49 (meaning they are even cheaper for those of you across the ditch). Now THAT is a bargain to be hearing from some of the top experts in the ancestral health community. Hope to see you there!

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