Wednesday 7 August 2013

How's your self-perception?

Hey folks. This is going to be a really quick post as I feel that the video I'm going to share says it all. 

We often have a bit of a warped view of what we actually look like. The reality is we are so much more beautiful than what we perceive ourselves to be. And the more we believe we are beautiful, the more this radiates outwards, and the more beautiful we become to others. This is called "mirroring"”, where your experiences with the world are a direct reflection of your internal state. I first heard about mirroring from Gabrielle Berstein. Smart chick that one. Check her out at

Anywho, here's the video. Watch it through to the end. I found it to be incredibly poignant and eye-opening. 

If the video doesn't show up on your page, you can click through to it HERE

What are your thoughts? Quite concerning, right? Can you relate? Maybe time to work on a little self-love? 

Check out the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty HERE

That's all for today. Shortest post EVER!! (patting self on back). 



  1. Where is the vid?

    1. It should have shown up in the middle of the post...

  2. That was soooo cute, thank you for sharing!!