Wednesday 27 March 2013

Easter fun for everyone!

Hey friends! Long time! Apologies but 2013 has turned out to be quite a busy, yet stupidly exciting year thus far! I feel incredibly blessed to have been offered so many great opportunities. 

Image by Joelle Fleurimont via pinterest

Like what, you say? 

Like working with Sarah Wilson on her I Quit Sugar program! This has kind of been an Oprah 360 moment (or is it an "aha moment"?) for me - back in 2009 when my health literally went to s#*t, one of my good friends (also named Sarah) put me on to Sarah Wilson's blog. Long story short her blog was the impetus for me going back to uni to study nutrition and dietetics. And now I work with her! Funny how things work out, ain't it?

So yes, you will notice that I am tweeting/facebooking/instagramming more #iquitsugar food porn, but I can honestly say I would not promote something that I do not whole-heartedly believe in, especially when it comes to nutrition. To get my tick of approval:

a) the information should be based on good science AND anecdotal evidence (yes, unlike some sticklers out there I believe peoples' experiences in the real world actually count for something)
b) the food should be nutrient dense
c) the meals should be delicious. Brownie points for easy preparation meals. 
d) there should be ample use of pretty pictures. Just kidding, but it definitely helps.

As a side note - this post will potentially be quite short (relative to my other essays) as I have recently acquired a gorgeous little kitten named Charlie who is keeping a close eye on my fingers and every now and then jumping on the keyboard to take a swipe. It's a little annoying, but he's super cute and I can't get mad! Check him out:

Yes, I like cats. Deal with it. 

Anywho, let's get on with the post, hey? It's Easter, baby!! And you know what that means....chocolate!!! Yes, you can have chocolate and still be healthy. In fact, I believe it improves health - physical, mental and emotional! I'm not talking Cadbury, though. I'm talking the real deal. The gorgeous Renee of Renee Naturally recently did a fantastic post on the benefits of raw cacao HERE. 

(P.S. This post is going to be full of link love, Mark Sisson style)

Yes, it's all good and well that raw cacao is good for you but, to be honest, it has quite an intense bitter taste which can take a bit of getting used to. So how do you make it delicious??

A. Outsource the goods

If you are in Sydney, there are a few sources of chocolate goodies:

1. Soulla of My Star Anise Organic Wholefoods makes incredible dark chocolate balls
2. Kate Johnston of Kore Welbeing makes a delicious chocolate and nut super berry slice, which she stocks at Bayside Health Store in Double Bay
3. Spring Wellness make amazing organic raw chocolate love truffles that you can order online and they stock at a multitude of stores (including Maitland!)

B. Make your own

Sarah Wilson's Raspberry Ripple deliciousness
This is the cheaper and often easier way to do it:

1. Try my delectable chocolate mousse recipe
2. Try one (or all) of Sarah Wilson's sugar-free Easter treats. I can highly recommend the Raspberry Ripple. It is in my freezer right now and it is taking all of my willpower not to go and gobble it up before my husband gets home. 

So there you go peeps. Lots of ideas. Very few of them mine. Lazy, I know, but there is no point in trying to improve on perfection. And when it comes to chocolate, these guys have already nailed it and I'm more than happy to let them have the glory. 

Have a fantastic Easter all! Stay safe! xx


  1. Hi Kate

    where do I find your chocolate mousse recipe?


    oh! one more question, where do you buy sprouted bread?
    and what type is best?

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I linked to my chocolate mousse recipe above - it should work but let me know if it doesn't.

      I don't eat a whole lot of sprouted bread, but when I do I get it from BU Organics in Bondi Junction. x

  2. I bought sarahs book today!

    1. Fantastic! Let me know what you think! x

  3. Hi Kate
    I am also studying nutrition and like you my journey also started on Sarah's blog when I gave up sugar in August 2011!

    1. Hi Toni,

      Fantastic! Funny how things work out! She truly is an inspiration. Where are you studying?

    2. At home as I'm a 44 yr old mum of two! I am doing it through ACNT full-time (an advanced diploma) and then I hope to convert it to a degree part-time once I start practising. I started following you on instagram (I am tone6000)what are the ingredients in that chocolate you posted?

  4. I really like the blog.I have shared your site with many friends and family. It is always a pleasure to read.

  5. This raspberry ripple looks a little but disgusting for the firt look :D But I'm sure it's more than delicious! :) I'll ask my wife to prepare it for the children.