Tuesday 3 July 2012

What to do next week


The Real Food Summit!! A.K.A massive FREE nerd-a-thon with some of the best minds in food and nutrition that should not be missed!

If you are sold already, go HERE to register now


The fabulous Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness has once again put his heart and soul into creating a stellar line up of professionals for the benefit of us., the people! And it’s FREE!!
If you haven’t heard of Sean before, you really need to come out from under your rock and get listening to his podcasts – pop them on your iPod and make use of your travel time! This guy is quite possibly the most well-connected man in the business, and he’s not just paleo – his deal is this:

J.E.R.F – Just Eat Real Food!

Simple. Or is it???? Not so much these days….which is why he has created this awesome FREE event.

Who else? 

Everyone who’s anyone. Here’s a little sample of who you can learn from:
  • Real farmer Joel Salatin leads off the summit, as he defines what real cows, real chickens, and real pigs really are
  • My nerd-crush Chris Kresser (yes, my husband is aware) talks about the importance of fish and seafood in the Real Food diet
  • Paul Chek discusses how eating whole foods impacts your mind, body, and soul
  • Jeffrey Smith dishes the real dirt on genetically modified foods
  • Mark McAfee shows you how raw milk can heal a broken immune system
  • The always brilliant Chris Masterjohn shares the nutritional wisdom of Weston A. Price
And those are just a handful of the 27 -- yes, TWENTY-SEVEN! -- video presentations that you will be able to watch for FREE during this 9-day event.

  • Because we have become so disconnected from our food supply it’s not even funny!
  • Our kids think yoghurt comes from plants. Need I say more??
  • Education is key in enabling us to make informed decisions about what to eat and why
  • Knowledge is power – build a more sustainable food supply for now and for the future by voting with your dollar – this is something I am becoming more and more passionate about as I realise how much we are f#@king things up. Sorry for the implied language, but as I said – I’m getting pretty passionate (and hence, worked up) about this issue, and you should too!
  • Did I mention it is FREE?? For now! After the 9 days it will be packaged up into a nice little dealio that you can purchase.


The summit kicks off Sunday, July 8th...BUT you don’t have to wait until then for the goods.
When you register today, you get to jump start your summit experience with Joel Salatin’s presentation entitled Real Food Defined. I listened to it today and it was fabulous!

What are you waiting for?? Click here to register now!


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